The nut  cracker 

Is the nut cracker a ballet play or does it crack nuts.well if you ask me it does both.The nutcracker was made a ballet. There was a girl who got one for Christmas.That night the nutcracker came alive.they went on an adventure and many more things the real nutcracker just takes nuts and you put the nut into the mouth and then take the handle and push down so then the nut can crack  



Big cats and human complexity

I think that this reading reminds me of a thing that happened on the news.The lion got killed by some person and the lion doc nothing wrong. He just killed it.

The Trailhead

This weekend I spent time at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center near Brazil, Indiana. Most of the cats at the Center are tigers, due in part to the popularity of tiger ownership as a status symbol, as well as the obsession with breeding white tigers. Such breeding inevitably produces many non-white tigers, which then require sanctuary.

White tiger. White tiger.

There really are very few places that one can get so close to big cats; in the wild it’s unwise, and in zoos there always seem to be greater physical barriers, whether through glass or moats or just sheer distance. The EFRC keeps the cats in wooded, fenced habitats. Some of the cats are quite affectionate, and would come up and rub their faces against the fence when our guide called them, just like ordinary kitties.

010Others, though, behaved very much like one would expect wild tigers and lions to behave. I stood…

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XIV – On Days Slipping By

I think that this is a amazing image that comes to your mind.just think of it while your reading it

Devious Bloggery

Should you ever find yourself
In the most fortunate position
Of riding in a glass elevator
Please take a brief moment
To attempt this experiment:

Take the elevator up to the top
Push the button for the bottom floor
Place your head against the glass
Focus on the scene below
The ground rushing up to meet you

Hold your breath
Or inhale slow and deep
Consider the descent

The rising feeling
In the pit
Of your gut,

The effortlessness
Of the fall

The smoothness
Of it all,


Try to stop
That elevator
From its fall,

Using nothing
But the power
Of your mind.

It won’t work
Give it a shot

Now try again,
But this time
Close your eyes…

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